List of accepted degrees

The following university degree are accepted for the 7th edition of the WONNOW Awards. However, this list is not exclusive. If you cannot see your degree, please request its inclusion.

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You can request the inclusion of a STEM (sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics) degree that you are studying or have studied on this list in order to take part in the competition if you fulfill the other requirements.

Cuadro Grupo de tres chicas

To do so, please email the following information to

  • Exact official name of the degree.
  • Exact official name of the university.
  • The syllabus, or at least a complete list of subjects in the degree.
  • A document from the university indicating the number or proportion of male and female degree students.


The awards organisers will inform you if your degree has been included on the list of accepted degrees and if you can take part.